About Weather Gage Technologies

An Introduction to WGT


Autonomous systems have fascinated humans for centuries. From the Golem of Jewish folklore, to Kubrick’s rogue sentient computer HAL, to the sleek autonomous crime fighting Batmobile, we’ve in some ways always yearned for the picturesque chrome plastered cities littered with flying cars and robot butlers. Once thought to be unattainable science fiction, as we have catapulted ourselves into the 21st century our dreams have suddenly lurched into our reach.

Autonomous intelligence systems, while not quite at the level of a snarky British man named Jarvis that can run entire companies while simultaneously engaging in witty banter with a well meaning but spoiled genius billionaire, are emerging. At Weather Gage Technologies we focus on practical autonomous systems designed to accomplish tasks that cannot be achieved through human efforts.

Weather Gage Technologies’ exceptional staff work with intelligence systems that use Artificial Intelligence to enable machines to make hard decisions in the complex, ever-changing real world. We tackle our client’s most difficult challenges with the enthusiasm of generations of nerds reaching to grab hold of the sci fi robot dreams we grew up cherishing.

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 Curious about some of the previous projects undertaken by the founder and owner David Scheidt? Check out some of his past publications to see the types of enterprises WGT likes to take on. 

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What We Do


Autonomous Systems

WGT engages in hands on autonomous systems research and development applicable to federal, state and local governments, automotive manufacturers, class one railroads, and power utilities. 

Intelligent Fault Management

Unexpected failures to complex, mission-critical machines can place operational success at risk. WGT specializes in advanced distributed Artificial Intelligence methods that enable complex machines to self-diagnose and self-heal. The use of these technologies provides improved resilience in complex, interconnected systems including:

  • Spacecraft HOTEL Systems
  • Ship Systems
  • Power Utilities
  • Cyber Physical Systems


Autonomous System Testing

Autonomous systems' ability to interact with the outside world in complex, unpredictable ways presents a unique set of test challenges. WGT specializes in the measurement and assessment of autonomous systems and the development of test and evaluation tools designed specifically to guarantee performance assurance. WGT expertise spans the test and evaluation life-cycle, and includes formal methods assurance of algorithms and software, software in-the-loop testing and hardware in-the-loop testing.