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Providing distinctive advantages in advanced decision aides and autonomous systems technology.

About Us

The Weather Gage Advantage

In the age of sailing warships, having the "weather gage"  was the strategic position of being closest to the incoming wind, or upwind, and was a decisive advantage. Weather Gage Technologies, LLC (WGT) is a research firm dedicated to exploring emerging technologies that provide the United States of America and her allies with "the weather gage" advantage.  

Uncertain Environments

Weather Gage Technologies provides customers with decisive advantages in advanced decision-aides and autonomous systems technology with timely, effective decisions in rapidly evolving, highly uncertain environments.   

Autonomous Value

"Autonomy can deliver value by mitigating operational challenges including: Rapid Decision-making, intermittent communications, high complexity of coordinated action, high persistence and endurance" --- Final Report of the 2015 Defense Science Board Study on Autonomy  


Autonomy Consulting

WGT principals leverage their expertise to provide autonomous system expertise to federal, state and local governments, automotive manufacturers, class one railroads and power utilities.  

Intelligent Fault Management

Unexpected failures to complex, mission-critical machines can place operational success at risk. WGT specializes in advanced distributed artificial intelligence methods that enable complex machines to self-diagnose and self-heal. The use of these technologies provides improved resilience in complex, interconnected systems including: 

  • Spacecraft HOTEL Systems 
  • Ship Auxiliary Systems 
  • Power Utilities 
  • Cyber-Physical Systems  

Autonomous System Testing

Autonomous systems' ability to interact with the outside world in complex, unpredictable ways presents a unique set of test challenges. WGT specializes in the measurement and assessment of autonomous systems and the development of test and evaluation tools designed specifically to guarantee performance assurance. WGT expertise spans the test and evaluation life-cycle, and includes formal methods assurance of algorithms and software, software in-the-loop testing and hardware in-the-loop testing.  

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