Prominent Relevant Publications


Safe Testing of Autonomous Systems Performance

During his time at John's Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, David Scheidt created TACE, a tool that utilizes Live-Virtual-Constructive environments, to test autonomous systems' efficiency and accuracy in executing plans in situations that would be unsafe to live test.


Organic Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance , and Reconaissance

In 2011, David Scheidt created OPISR, an innovative autonomous system that allowed for teams of unmanned vehicles to solve complex problems without intervention. This project was also completed during his time at John's Hopkins APL.


Defense Science Board Summer Study on Autonomy

As a member of the Defense Science Board Summer Study, David Scheidt was a member of a team of renowned scientists in the robotics, computer science, and military systems fields tasked with assessing and improving the current status of the Department of Defense's technological advancement with the intention of integrating autonomous systems.