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       Weather gage [n] : (1) the position of a sailing ship to windward of another that                                    gives an advantage, (2): a superior position

Weather Gage Technologies has the unique position of being a young tech business that isn't crowded in Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh, or Northern Virginia with the masses of competing tech firms, but located near Historic Downtown Annapolis, Maryland. David Scheidt, founder of WGT and long time resident of the beautiful town, touts talent not only as a technology innovator but as an accomplished sailor, the sport Annapolis is most known for.

Weather Gage Technologies brandishes a name that reflects its founder's passion for innovation, for without passion Weather Gage Technologies would not exist. Weather Gage Technologies is focused on creating novel technologies in the blossoming field of  Intelligence Systems and the use of machine intelligence to solve challenging, real world problems. WGT supplies our sponsors with innovative autonomous systems that provide them with a superior advantage. 

You could say that we aim to gain the weather gage.

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About David Scheidt

"I created Weather Gage Technologies because life is too short to work on uninteresting projects. I wanted to build a company that is more interested in the quality of the work than the quantity. To me, quality work is work that is both interesting and important.  I’ve been fascinated by Artificial Intelligence for over 30 years, so interesting work, for me, involves figuring out how to build autonomous machines that can safely solve difficult real-world problems. When autonomy is used to improve the national infrastructure, explore space or defend the USA the work it is not only interesting, but important."

In 2017 David Scheidt retired from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory where he lead over 30 direct-funded efforts in the areas of autonomous systems and command and control for various companies and agencies including but not limited to:

·         Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

·         Office of Naval Research (ONR)

·         Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration (OSD NII)

·         Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)

·         Test Resource Management Center (TRMC)

·         Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)

·         National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Some of his highlighted projects include:

·         Developed a program aimed at testing AS functionality in real life situations with the use of Live-Virtual-Constructive Environments

·         Led multiple research projects based around autonomous unmanned vehicles

·         Demonstrated an autonomous team of air, ground, surface, and undersea vehicles

·         Developed an autonomous sailboat that was used to monitor the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico

·         Developed an autonomous vehicle powered entirely through energy scavenging techniques

·         Developed AI methods for identifying the status of damaged electrical-fluid distribution systems

·         Investigated intelligent cyber-physical fault management systems for autonomous spacecrafts and extraterrestrial rovers


        To boil David Scheidt down to his resume would be a great disservice. As previously mentioned, he is an accomplished sailor known well in the Annapolis area. He is an avid hiker, taking every chance he can to traverse all of the hiking trails available to him in the Mid Atlantic region. He volunteers as a chess coach, mentors Archbishop Spalding’s FIRST Robotics team, is a father of three, and has an expansive and eclectic taste in music. Not to mention he is well read and could face off with Stephen Colbert in a Tolkein factoid competition.

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So Why Join WTG

So why join Weather Gage Technologies? At WGT you will get to build innovative, intelligent systems and test them in real life applications. It's a treat to be able to watch hands on as your systems come to life on land, air, sea, and space.

Being located near Historic Annapolis is also a huge plus. Annapolis is an incredibly friendly community rich with culture, history, delicious food, great live music, and a booming night life. Not to mention relatively close to two major cities, D.C. and Baltimore, and the Baltimore International Airport.

We offer flexible work hours with opportunities to work from home. WTG is an equal opportunity employer that offers medical benefits, vacation, 401.K retirement, and educational assistance.

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